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Born in Verbania in 1951 and gained a Diploma in Accountancy there in 1970 with the best results in the province. Actively involved in charitable and voluntary organisations, he graduated , with honours, from the "Luigi Bocconi" University, Milan with a degree in Economics.In 2005, he gained a second degree with honours in History of Civilization at the University of Piemonte "Avogadro"Has worked as a journalist and since 1980, has been a Business – Management Consultant as well as being responsible for numerous initiatives regarding tourism and hotels in the Lake Maggiore area.In 1975, he was elected a Councillor of Verbania, a post which has always been re-confirmed. In 1984, he became Councillor for MSI-DN first in the province of Novara and then in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola ( Verbania ) when it was established in 1995.In 1990, he became Regional Councillor for Piemonte and in 1994, was elected to Parliament as the representative of the constituencies of Verbania – Domodossola and Piemonte 2. ( Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Cuneo Novara, Vercelli and Verbania )He was responsible for organisation within MSI-DN and then Alleanza Nazionale and after having directed the Department of Local Politics ( A.N. representatives in towns, provinces and regions ) in 2002, he was put in charge of the Foreign Policy Department of A.N.In Parliament, he was involved in the finance commission and in 1996, becames a member of the foreign and community affairs commission.In 2001, he was elected President of the Italian delegation at the W.E.O. of Paris and is a member of the European Council of Strasbourg.He is actively involved in various associations of voluntary workers with particular regard for international co-operation. In 1981, he founded the Verbania Centres which operate in a number of African countries and also South America.Enjoys numerous sporting activities including parachuting, canoeing, scuba - diving and fishing, particularly fly fishing. For some years he has also been a qualified football referee.Edits a weekly newsletter, "Il Punto" and has written and had published the following books : 1990 "Meno Sprechi Meno Tasse" - 2003 "Diario Romano" - 2006 "Staffette"

In 2008, I was elected Member of Parliament for the fifth time and in 2009, Mayor of Verbania, the first Centre-right Mayor for sixty-four years.
I chose to leave Parliament in January 2012 to concentrate exclusively on the office of Mayor.
In 2012, he chose to resign from Parliament in order to concentrate exclusively on his office of Mayor of the city of Verbania, a position he held until April, 2013.
At present, he is involved in several humanitarian projects as well as his own professional and touristic commitments.
He is responsible for numerous newspaper articles and almost every year, publishes a new book, such as "Inverna", "Ciao Sindaco" and soon, "La Moscheruola".
The books can be requested by e-mail at marco.zacchera@libero.it

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